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Laura has distilled years of experience into training that will help you grow your business.  Subjects covered include Adoptions, Trusts/Living Wills, Loan Signings, Facilities, and general notary business growth.  Video, Video Calls, or live in-person courses are available to you.  Laura is also available for one-on-one ongoing coaching and mentoring, which you can purchase annually.

Replay Library

Click for info on the Replay Library

Want to access 24 x 7 the training videos I have produced for Power of Attorney, Last Wills, and Adoptions? In collaboration with Notary Coach, we have created a replay library of all of this plus the Living Trust replay. More will be added every few months or so. For a nominal lifetime access fee you get what it is there now, and will also get newer training replays as they are produced. Click here for details.


“In December I invested in Laura’s one-on-one class for Trust/Living Wells.  Laura is incredibly knowledgeable and the class is logically laid out with excellent materials.  After taking Laura’s class I began attending networking meetings like The Estate Planning Group Network where I have met Attorneys that are focused on helping clients with their Trust needs.  I now have a few Attorneys that consistently call me to do Trust Signings in their office or in their clients homes.  I would highly recommend taking Laura’s class, the learning opportunity is big and price is small.  Rob A.”

Contact Laura for personalized training/coaching.

Coaching Classes

Each course is 1.5-2 hours, live in person or via Zoom video call, and includes 3 months of follow-up coaching for only a $127 investment:
  • CA Notary 101You passed your state exam and now you are ready to notarize—or are you? Using real documents, we will go over quick ways of identifying CA wording, easy way to tell the difference between an acknowledgment and jurat, cover out-of-state certificates and time-saving journal entries.
  • Mobile Notary BizTake your notary services on the road and provide what in-office notaries cannot. Learn how to market yourself and be easily found. These cost effective signings are typically quick, require no extra equipment, and are paid on the spot.
  • NSA Assignments—At the TableYou are now certified as an NSA and you are still uncertain about what happens at the table, such as starting the conversation and presenting documents. Most importantly, how to get the assignments. Learn this and more using a mock loan signing session.
  • Facility AssignmentsThis specialty doesn’t require certification, but does require knowledge about working in these special environments. Learn how to find this kind of work, with emphasis on how to get past the gatekeeper at healthcare, jails, and other institutions.
  • Trust AssignmentsLooking for that next big thing? Try handling trust assignments, with and without attorneys. Many of the same NSA skills are used when you deliver a trust at someone’s home or office. Work with trust documents and get tips on how you can make connections in the legal industry.

Free Resources

Tuesday Notary Titans (TNT) Weekly Video Call:

“TNT” is one hour of free coaching via live video call every Tuesday morning at 8:00am (PCT). I am joined by my colleagues Bill Soroka of and Carol Ray of Notary2Pro.  Click here for details.



Workshops are scheduled for mobile and signing agent notaries.  Join the Mobile Notaries group to receive Notifications for each new workshop or go to for announcements.  Advanced notary topics are covered in these workshops and they are held typically in Modesto CA.  However there are several that will be held in the Sacramento and Fresno areas.



Web Resources:

    • For the National Notary Association, “Branding Your Notary Signing Agent Business.”
      This 60-minute webinar geared towards new Signing Agents and seasoned NSAs looking for help in growing their business will discuss the following introductory concepts and strategies:
      • What branding is and why it is important for your business
      • The five key things you want your brand to say about you
      • Three key questions to ask yourself when creating your brand
      • How to create visibility for your business brand

No two loan signings are the same. The loan and loan documents, borrowers, location, time and environment are all different from the signing that preceded it. In addition, each signing presents new challenges for the Signing Agent to manage. Even though each signing is unique, successful Signing Agents follow certain carefully-designed steps to bring each signing to a positive outcome. This free 60-minute webinar will train you to confidently execute a loan signing using a step-by-step process you can apply to every loan signing you perform.

16 thoughts on “Notary Resources”

    • Hi Carly,

      I have handled only a few commercial signings. A few were corporate docs for change of ownership and 1 was for a hotel loan signing. SInce that is so limited I do not know if I can answer a question about commercial signings but I am happy to respond with either what I know or a little research with a colleague who knows more than I.

      At your service,


  1. Hi Laura,

    I am interested in starting my own business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. My background is in car sales and accounting, but I have always been interested in starting my own business.

    While doing online research, I read an article you wrote, and was so excited to learn that you are from Modesto, Ca as well! I’d love to take your classes and absorb all the knowledge I can. Which Avenue do you suggest to get certified?

    Looking forward to talking with you!

    • Sara,

      THank you so much for reaching out to me and I am glad to hear my article prompted you to write to me. Any one who has worked in sales would be a good candidate to start their own business. The accounting is also a plus skill as many people do not have that and struggle to set up fees, budget, handle receipts etc. The bottom line is you would wear many hats as a business owner including marketing which is different than sales, doing the work, planning, getting educated/skills as notary, bookkeeping etc. I do all of these things myself as a small business owner. If you are not afraid of hard work and can execute the steps, you will be successful. I am happy to discuss with you the steps to beome a notary and steps to getting business once you are a notary. As a notary coach, I also teach the mandated training classes for CA notaries thru the NNA. I teach the Central Valley classes every month, and although they are not the cheapest, they are the best to help you pass the exam to get your commission. My number is 209-606-4938 cell, you can reach out to me today up to 6:30pm or after 4 tomorrow.

  2. Hi Laura. I am very interested in taking your class. I am in the Title business but would love to branch out with learning Trust and Adoption notarizations. My husband is a new to the business and have been doing Real Estate, Annuity and Debt. Signings. He too would love to take your class. When do have classes?

    • I teach the Trust class one on one live at my office or via phone for clients who are far from me. The session is about 2 hrs long. The class would include what trusts are, who gets them and why, sample docs, presentation, vocabulary, and how you get hired for these kinds of assignments. The fee is $89 for one person and I give a significant discount for 2 if at the same time. Call me at your convenience and I am happy to discuss 209-606-4938 cell

      At your service


  3. Hi Laura,
    I recently signed up for your upcoming notary symposium training on November 4th. I missed last year’s and I am looking very much forward to attending this year’s event. I am hope to attend the NNA’s conference in Las Vegas in 2018!
    In browsing your website, you offer services to Notary Public’s personal one-one-one training/mentoring and/or coaching related to several topics I am very interested in learning more about.

    I recently retired from 17-years of state service with the Dept. of Justice; prior to retiring I began in 2016 the process to become a commissioned Notary Public/Signing Agent. I have done about 8 refinance loan packages with a few other miscellaneous notaries. I’ve recently launched my website and will be distributing by business cards soon. Topics I would really like to learn more about based on your expertise:
    1. Living Trusts/P.O.A’s
    2. Advanced Health Care Directive (I am nearby several major hospitals and Senior assisting living facilities in the Elk Grove area).
    3. About serving the Immigrant community and how and/or what I can offer, about consultant rules and what I need to know and how I can effectively help immigrant signers staying within my duties, the common forms used, while avoiding any unlawful mistakes.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Reading the testimonials on your website I know I am lead to the right place and the right person!!

    • Margie,

      Thank you for reaching out to me! What an interesting background to move to the mobile notary for retirement years. I know I can help you make your path to a successful business serving your community in the areas of Trust/estate planning documents as well as POAs/ACHD, and I am happy to share ways to help the immigrant community too. I need to know a little more about your plan, what community you are in etc to give me a better idea of how I can help you directly as all my coaching is personalized for you. Please reach out to me at my email address, so we can start the conversation.

      At your service,


  4. Hi:

    I have been a mobile notary for almost 20 years. I am very interested in branching out into notarizing Living Trust Documents. I understand you work with a company that hires notaries for this service. How do I contact this company?

    I am also interested in branching out to notarizing adoption paperwork, both national and international. Do you have any ideas as to how to get started in this area?

    Please advise as to all.

    Thank you,

    Maggie Gutierrez
    209 204 2282

    • Maggie,

      Glad to hear you are interested in Trusts. Although I do not share my private client list I can tell you to check with Estate Planning Attorney’s in your area. ALso check for seminars selling trusts advertised in the paper for your area. Do you have a website, it should be there that you have that specialty. I will have an on line class shortly on how to handle trusts and how to find the work on my website in the next few months. Same thing with International Adoptions. Check with those agencies on how they recommend notaries for their clients. An on line class for this is also under construction.

  5. Laura:
    I just took the Trust seminar you gave for the Notary Success Summit. It was very thorough and educational. I am a fairly new notary and have done a few loan signings and a little general notary work.

    My question is, when doing general notary work, please confirm if I list each document separately in my notary journal and if the signers have to sign each time. I have been doing this and having each line signed and fingerprinted.

    Last week I had someone complain that he had to sign each line – he said in past the notary just did a horizontal line in signature section of journal and he signed one time. I responded that he was to sign for each document list as only one document could be contested and if he Sec. of State asked for a copy of my journal for this document/line – there would only be a line and partial signature.
    Please help me know correct answer for future. What about docs that are just witnessed – I assume you do not list in the journal?

    Hope you don’t mind answering question – but these are some of the things that new notaries don’t have training on unless experienced notaries or the NNA help us. Thank you for your time

    • Nikki,

      I have emailed you personally but wanted to make sure I answered your question fully. If there is anything more I can help you with please let me know.

      Always at your service


  6. Hello Laura,

    As a retired real estate broker I have been searching for ways too stay involved and add to my income stream. Becoming a mobile notary has caught my attention as well as your articles. Would like to explore the possibility and costs involved in joining your group of people you guide/mentor.


    Peggy Harrington
    Walnut Creek, Ca


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